GPS Postion Format
To assist the Organisiers of an Event please ensure your GPS is set as recommened...
  • Position Format: UTM UPS
  • Map Datum:ARC 1960
  • Map Spheroid: Clarke 1880

  • So if you do need assistance on the Trail & you reporting in your postion it comes in as UTM

    1 Click on the 'plotaroute' web link, this will open the Track on the 'plotaroute' webpage & you can view the track
    Or open & search for Activesports Tracks

    This will display Activesports Tracks, locate the required Track & 'Click It'
    2 You can view Track in 'Street Map' or Google Earth Views.
    Click in Map +- to Zoom
    Click on the Menu to view 'Profile' - 'Directions' - 'Download Track' - etc.
    3 To Download Track 'Click' , this takes you to
    You can then choose to 'Download to File' or 'Download to GPS'.
    Suggest to 'File' then you can ensure upload to GPS is done correctly from your Garmin Software e.g. Basecamp or Mapsource.
    Save / Downloaded Track to a 'Folder' of choice just so you remember where it is when you come to retrive / open it in you Garmin Software.
    4 a. Open your Garmin Software
    b. Retrive / Open the Track
    c. Connect your GPS
    d. Upload Track to GPS
    e. Eject GPS
    f. Check Track is on GPS